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The tantric massage holds within itself a priceless discovery of the ressources waiting in the body to be unveiled. It is in this sesnual, sensitive and powerful massage that the receiver can experience her or himself, feelings and states of consciousness guided by the loving presence of the massage artist. Tantra Massage allows you through its playful and attentive nature to experience what it can mean: Letting your energy flow freely.what lies hidden in our sexual chakra : the joy of life .

Every massage is sensual on her way alone because the feeling of touch , warm massage oil on the skin , the scent of essential oils speaks to us deep in our physical world . The tantric massage is aware of this sensual account of a people and invites you to go on this emotional journey . She strokes the body tenderly with feathers and fabrics from , massaging and kneading the muscles with warm oil and harmonized with gentle long strokes along the meridians life . Often you feel revitalized as a receiver after a tantric massage , refreshed and cheerful.

The Tantra massage is a development of Neotantrabewegung in Germany and is actually still a young child. Their philosophy and focus is therefore very dependent on their suppliers and their personal understanding. The idea of ​​Neotantras is the sexual energy of humans – which can be thought of as a small motor in the body – to transform or to use it for his personal development.
This massage applies to all areas of the body , from head to toe in their choreography with a massage and takes place on the stock. It begins with a welcome panel on the front and ensures a soothing entry . On the back , and finally on the front lines and sensitize touches the body and the mind. This massage enchants the receiver with its ease and naturalness and invites you to drop deep.

To avoid a misunderstanding , we would like to point out that it is not in our erotic massage tantra massage. A traditionally meant tantric massage deep quenches our thirst for loving touch to send us an insightful journey through our world of experience. The young Neotantra dives into this path and have so many people been allowed to give unique experiences and wholesome moments.

tantra-massage-berlin-stilleWe are glad that there is this opportunity and more and more people discover the massages for themselves to get themselves back closer next to an often hectic life .
From the experience of a Tantric massage can be easily integrated into everyday life.



This massage is aimed at our very own femininity or our masculinity.

A sensual emotional journey that can discover many small worlds in ourselves us that it is able to bring us into a deep healing touch with our feelings , memories , desires, and pleasures of life .

The framework of this massage is very attentive and protective built for both sides. The Yoni & Lingam massage is a separate part with a Tao-/Tantra- or Manipura massage can be extended. It is aimed at the most sensitive part of our body – our private parts.

Our team is aware of this huge range of feelings and emotions that can cause this massage and goes with the trust that is given to us in such moments , carefully and respectfully . This protective and loving space that spans themselves , this intimate massage makes you a precious gem. This moment of deep contact with itself brings us closer to an understanding of our femininity , masculinity our approach and presented us thus with much strength and balance to our lives everyday .

The intimate massage the woman was given the Sanskrit name of the man’s lingam and yoni massage . This intimate massages each consisting of about twenty different stroke techniques and touch us in a way in which we do not necessarily know it from our personal lives . One can definitely say that the first yoni or lingam is willing to keep a little eye-opening experience .

We address this issue carefully and duly . Therefore, we consider the yoni and lingam as a gentle cure.

PROSTATE & PELVIC FLOOR MASSAGEyonilingam-massage-berlin

For a longer massage time (from two hours), it is possible to extend the intimate massage with anal and prostate massage, which is also embedded in the course of the body massage (at the end of the back page ) .
The anal and prostate massage appeals to our transmission assets . Stress and unlived emotions can literally hide here in seclusion . The gentle and respectful massage makes us soft , receptive , thereby allowing to leave a deep – fall . The massage gently approaches – different strokes and tapping techniques to loosen the outer area and then approach the pelvic floor and the prostate with tissue massage .

The Anal – Prostate Massage and is therefore an ideal preparation for the intimate massage that is embedded in the full body massage at the end of the front.

We would like to point out at this point that it is no erotic massage in Yoni & Lingam . This massage is meant as an emotional journey inside , where everything must be experienced and want everything to be seen what would show up there. This massage invites you to stay at one with yourself and not to be distracted from the outside . Since this is a distinction that is particularly ” felt ” or experienced , we are open to your unanswered questions . In this case, please contact us on the telephone or on site , and we will be happy to answer them .

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